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More about SmartSilence

Setting up SmartSilence

SmartSilence is highly customizable, but really only requires about half a second to turn on (just slap the button) and 30 seconds to set up.


In the Hale Alarm app, you simply choose your “unlisted contact behavior”.  In plain English, this is what SmartSilence will do when someone calls you and you haven’t put that person on a list of exceptions.

“Always ring” means that your phone rings as normal.

“Never ring” means your phone is totally silenced as normal.

“Auto-reply” means your phone will send automatic replies to people who call, asking if their call is important.

So, to set up SmartSilence, you pick your default mode or “unlisted contact behavior”, and then you can optionally set up lists of exceptions.


auto reply list


Maybe the best thing about SmartSilence is that you can’t leave it on by accident.  When you un-dock the phone, SmartSilence deactivates automatically so you don’t walk around all day with your phone on mute.


Customizing SmartSilence

So you choose your default – either always ring, auto-reply or never ring.  Then what?

You can make exceptions for anyone in your address book, as well as custom auto-replies for any contact or group of contacts.

Want Grandma to get through right away?  Put her on the “Always Ring” list.

Want your teenager to get an auto-reply so they can get through even if you’re napping, but aren’t keen on letting the world know you’re in your PJs?  Put them on the auto-reply list and make “never ring” your default.

Want your cousin Nancy to know where you left the spare key, but can’t wait up for her flight to get in?  Set up a custom auto-reply just for her.


These and many other settings make SmartSilence the most convenient and powerful way to protect your sleep and peace of mind with your smartphone.