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Dreamer Alarm Clock


The Hale Dreamer: a full-featured sleep system for your Android phone. It combines your smartphone with a cutting-edge alarm clock, with physical buttons (including snooze!), a sleep sound machine, and a wonderful speaker for listening to music.

• All-in-one alarm clock, charging dock, sleep machine, stereo, speakerphone, and smart notification manager
• SmartSilence helps you get more sleep – silence your phone without missing urgent calls
• Fully customizable alarm clock – tweak every detail and wake up the way you want
• Rich, clear sound quality from a 10w speaker, to wake up or just listen to music

All of our products are guaranteed to be compatible with your Android phone, or your money back.  See our 1-year warranty here and our list of verified compatible phones here

SKU: HALE-3001.

Product Description


How SmartSilence Works

SmartSilence: Get More Sleep.

SmartSilence is the Dreamer’s most unique feature. It activates with the touch of a button and helps you get more sleep.

When you activate SmartSilence, it keeps your phone silent unless an urgent call comes in.

It can tell if a call is urgent in three ways, which are all optional and customizable:

  1. When someone calls you, it automatically and silently sends an SMS reply asking them if the call is important.  If they respond affirmatively, your phone will ring.
  2. When someone calls three times in five minutes, your phone will ring.
  3. When someone on your “always ring” list calls, your phone will ring immediately.

More information about SmartSilence

Here are a few examples of how SmartSilence can be set up:

- Your close relatives can call while you’re asleep, everyone else goes straight to voicemail.

- Your significant other gets through immediately, everyone else gets an auto-reply.

- Everyone gets an auto-reply, except for your annoying friend Stan. The recruiter you’re waiting to hear from gets through immdiately.



It’s your alarm clock – wake up your way.

Everyone has a pet peeve when it comes to alarm clocks – and the Dreamer can solve every one of them.

Alarm not loud enough? The 10-watt speaker will take care of that. Alarm too loud? The Dreamer can be as quiet as a mouse, too. Screen too bright? The Dreamer has a built-in volume knob.

Need dual alarms? Set up as many as you need. Need an alarm that only goes off once every two weeks? We’ve got you covered.

The Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock app features a stunning array of options so that you can set up alarm exactly the way you like it. Or, if you want to keep it simple, just set a time and hit the hay.


Go to sleep your way, too

The Dreamer includes a lullaby mode that works just like dedicated sound machines or “white noise machines”. Set it to fade out after a set time (anywhere from 1 minute to hours) and drift off with one of our custom ambiances:

  • Light rainfall
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Babbling brook
  • Ocean waves
  • Cozy fireplace
  • Night in the city
  • Summer crickets
  • Meditation
  • White noise
  • Red noise
  • Heartbeat






Incredible sound quality

With integrated controls for play/pause, fast forward, and rewind/back, the Dreamer is a full-featured speaker dock. Listen to MP3s, streaming music, audiobooks, or internet radio. It’s also one of the best speakers under $200. With 10 watts of power and a finely tuned resonating chamber, the Dreamer is as well suited to playing Miles Davis as it is to waking up heavy sleepers.

Speaker specifications:

  • 10 watts RMS
  • 60hz – 20Khz +/- 10dB
  • Integrated bass resonator

Bulletproof Guarantee

The Dreamer is guaranteed to work with any Android phone running OS version 2.2 or higher. It will work with your phone – or your money back, and the Dreamer is backed with a 1-year warranty.

Hale is dedicated to making the devices for Android phones that Android users deserve. There are no other docks on the market that integrate with your phone the way Hale products do. Unlike some products that stick a USB charger on a ‘dumb’ clock radio, every button and knob on the Dreamer controls your phone.

Some accessories are paired with thoughtless, stagnant apps. In contrast, The Dreamer was designed and conceived to have the best app possible. We actively improve and maintain the app to make using the Dreamer the best experience possible, and welcome feedback from all of our users to help us improve.




Features / Specifications

SmartSilence with dedicated button
Real Snooze Button
Advanced Alarm Settings
Repeat Days
Alarm Tone / music
Alarm Volume
Alarm Fade-in
Snooze repeats allowed
Solve puzzle to snooze / dismiss
Lullaby mode

Music control buttons
Play / Pause
Back / Rewind
Forward / Fast Forward
Works as a speakerphone, just hit snooze to answer
Volume Knob

Brightness Knob
Extra-stable bendable USB cable with 180 degree rotation
Goose-neck audio cable
Premium quality, acoustically tuned speaker driver
Dock tray design accomodates any size phone, even with cases
Compact footprint, 5” x 4”
3.5mm stereo audio input/output connector
2.25” mono 10w full-range hi-fi speaker
Freq. response: 60Hz-20kHz +/-10dB
Power input: AC 100-240VAC (usable outside of USA with plug adapter)


The app features custom numerals like vintage nixie tubes...

The app features custom numerals like vintage nixie tubes…

... and classic LED themes.

… and classic LED themes.