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Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Does the Dreamer or the Speaker Dock work with my phone?


A) Yep!* Hale products are compatible with almost all Android phones running OS version 2.2 or later. Any phone which accepts a standard micro-USB and 3.5mm headset connector should work.  You can check our compatibility list here. In the rare instance that a phone has a compatibility issue, we are happy to provide a full refund. *99.8% of Android phones are technically capable of working with our products.


Q) I had a great idea for a feature, can you add it to the app?


A) Maybe!  We love to get feedback and ideas from our customers.  Drop us a line and we’ll look into it.  We’ve added more than a few features based on customer suggestions in the past.


Q) Does it work with my iPhone or iPod?


A) Sorry, no.  Currently we design accessories exclusively for Android phones.  We aren’t ruling out future iOS-compatible products, but for now we’re Made For Android.


Q) Why do your products use wires?  Why not BT / NFC / Qi / Wifi etc?


A) Although wireless connections can be really convenient, even today nothing beats the reliability and high-quality audio throughput of a wired connection.  Wired products also have the most compatibility across all Android phones out there.  While some support NFC, most support BT, and other standards are gaining ground, EVERYONE has a 3.5mm jack on their phone. We are developing wireless products, but our current lineup is wired because we think that when you get right down to it, it still works the best that way.


Q) My phone doesn’t connect to the dock, or doesn’t stay connected!  What gives?


A) Don’t worry, this can almost always be fixed. Check our troubleshooting guide and run through those steps.  If that doesn’t help, please get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to solve your problem.


Q) I want to use iHeart Radio, Pandora, or another 3rd-party app as my alarm.  How do I set this up?


A) This seems more complicated than it really is, because there are some manual steps.  It can’t be done completely automatically because by default, Android apps can’t talk to each other except in specific and limited ways.  In our case, we are able to talk to other apps by sending “play/pause” commands, but that’s about it.  Luckily, this is enough to get most apps working as an alarm.  Here’s how you do it:

1) Open the app you want to use as an alarm.  Start playing the audio you would like to use.  This might be a song, station, podcast, etc.

2) Pause the audio.  Don’t exit the app, leave it open in the background.

3) Open the Hale Dreamer Alarm app.

4) Go to the alarm list and create an alarm if you have not already.

5) Open the Edit Alarm window

6) Select “All Settings”

7) Go to Alarm Actions

8) Under “Sound Type”, select ‘disabled’

9) Set “Launch App” to “On”

10) Go to “App Name” which will open a list of apps.  Select the app you would like to use as an alarm.

11) Tap “Test” to check if it’s working.

12) Congratulations! You’ve set up an external app as your alarm.

Whew!  Looks like a lot, but it actually only takes a minute. Once you’ve set it up the first time, you only need to do steps 1 and 2 on a nightly basis, if you close the music app after you wake up.  If you leave it open, you won’t need to do anything.


Note: not all apps listen to the “play/pause” command.  If they don’t, unfortunately there isn’t any way to get them to work as your alarm.  This is the only access we have to 3rd party apps, so it would be up to that app to add support for this OS function.


Q) SmartSilence is letting through or blocking the wrong things! What gives?


A) First, make sure SmartSilence is on. It will automatically turn off when you un-dock the phone. Then, double-check your settings.  There is a blanket setting, labeled “Unlisted Contact Behavior” which applies to everyone that you haven’t added to a SmartSilence list.  If this is set to “always ring”, SmartSilence will only work on people you’ve added to the ‘auto reply’ or ‘never ring’ lists.  If it is set to “never ring” then everyone who isn’t on a list will be blocked entirely.


Q) I don’t want to miss any calls once I un-dock my phone. What can I do to prevent this?


A) You don’t need to do anything! SmartSilence will automatically turn off when you un-dock your phone from the Dreamer. Of course, you can always turn SmartSilence back on if you want. The Dreamer Alarm Clock app will work alone, without the Dreamer. We’ve found it quite useful for silencing our phones during company meetings.


Q) How do I set up a playlist for my lullaby or alarm?


A) The Hale Alarm can pull from music stored on your phone in MP3 format, as well as playlists made up of MP3s.  Typically a playlist would be associated with an album.  You can also make a playlist inside the app.  In the edit playlist screen, hit “add”, and you’ll be able to create a new playlist made up of any valid audio file on your phone.


Q) How do I set multiple alarms?


A) This is quite easy! You can set as many alarms as you want, to go off whenever you want.  To add another alarm, go to the alarm screen (has an alarm clock icon), and hit “add”.  Set the alarm up as you normally would.  The home screen will show you when the next alarm is going to go off.  Dismissing one alarm will not affect the other.  If you want both to be active, make sure that you’ve set both to “ON”.


Q) Can I listen to FM radio for my alarm?


A) The Dreamer does not include an FM radio tuner, so you can’t use it to listen to radio directly.  However, there are alternatives.  Apps like iHeart Radio let you listen to radio streaming online, and some may include your local stations.


Q) Do you ship to Canada?


A) We do not have default shipping options or distribution for Canada.  If you are located in Canada or other countries, please contact us directly for a shipping quote.


Q) What is SONR Labs?  I saw this somewhere. I thought you were called Hale?


A) Hale Devices used to be called SONR Labs.  The products, technology and people, however, remained the same.  So if you see anything that says “SONR” on it, nothing is awry.