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HALE Dreamer Alarm Clock

The ultimate alarm clock app for Android. Integrates with the Hale Dreamer alarm dock for Android to create an all-in-one sleep system. Includes custom alarm and sleep/relaxation sounds, super-customizable alarm settings, and SmartSilence, which actively and intelligently protects your sleep from unwanted notifications. hale-3-app

HALE Dock Controller

The Dock Controller app works with Hale’s Speaker Dock for Android and lets you remotely control your favorite music apps from across the room. Pandora, Google Play Music, Spotify, and many more music apps work great with the controler!

Dock controller screenshot

HALE Signal Protocol

Hale’s proprietary signaling technology lets our hardware talk to your phone. The Signal Protocol app is automatically installed along with the Alarm and Speaker apps to translate the signals coming from the hardware. It runs in the background to enable the features of your Hale accessories.