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Hale Devices, Inc., formerly known as Sonr Labs, Inc., is a consumer electronics startup with a focus on bringing smart accessories for Android devices to market. Founded in 2011 by Joe Born and Dave Phillips, Hale Devices made a successful entrance into the Android audio accessory category with the world’s first universal speaker dock for Android with a remote. Hale delivers innovative, reliable and easy-to-use accessories for Android through superior engineering and careful consideration of everyday, real-world problems.

Where to Buy

Please visit our Amazon store.

Our Team

Joe Born: With decades of experience designing, sourcing, and marketing, Joe has brought over $300 Million worth of consumer electronics to market, including the SkipDr, one of the best selling CE accessories in history (8M+ units sold). Joe is also founder of Neuros Technology, which became a pioneer in developing open source set-top boxes for Internet television and other video and audio hardware devices. He is an expert in hardware design, manufacturing and supply-chain management. Joe holds dozens of patents and has brought a host of CE accessories and devices to market with hundreds of millions of dollars of sales. Joe is passionate advocate of the power of open source and crowd-sourcing innovations and is active in the open source community. Joe graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Texas in Austin and lives in the Chicago area.


Jeff Yuan: Hale Devices’ man on the ground in Shenzen, Jeff is our finger on the pulse of manufacturing in China, with decades of sourcing and manufacturing experience.


Sophia Lee: Stationed in Taipei, Sophia has 15 years experience managing the overseas production and engineering of consumer electronics products. Previously, she worked for several prominent design factories.


Michael Gao: Michael Gao joined Hale as VP of Engineering in June 2013. Michael is an experienced software architect and team leader and has overseen the development of numerous consumer electronics products.


Alex Kemmler: Alex has spent most of his career studying what consumers want, and what their needs really are. He has a background in new product and service development – first hand as an entrepreneur, as well as a management consultant. With a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University, as well as additional degrees in Art and Music Technology, he has a keen understanding of how design and consumer understanding help build a business.


Dana Golin: Dana joined Hale as a Marketing Manager in 2013. Her experience with online marketing, advertising, and optimization techniques have proved to be an invaluable addition to the marketing team. Dana is pursuing an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in the evening part-time program.