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Dreamer Alarm Dock


Speaker Dock for Android


Hale Android Apps



  • “Super easy to set up 1 2 3 done. Speakers have a great sound and good bass, no distortion... was surprised at the quality of sound and ease.”
    Amazon Customer
  • “This thing works great! Plug it in, plug your phone in, and go.”
    Amazon Customer
  • “Integration with radio stations and music is right on. Software, with Smart Silence, is thoughtful and useful.”
    Amazon Customer
  • “I'm buying a second one for my office.”
    Amazon Customer
  • “The product is designed to, physically, accept quite a variety of phones, making it nearly universal. I am enjoying it immensely.”
    Mel B., Amazon Customer
  • “Great sound quality”
    Vanessa, Amazon Customer
  • “It's genius! Super-loud & fully customizable alarm clock, phone charger, nature/white noise machine, stereo/radio/mp3 player with a great quality speaker, programmable alarm… This device is so much more than what I was even looking for!”
    Amazon Customer
  • “I was looking for just a speaker/dock, but got so much more with the Hale Dreamer”
    D. Mak, Amazon Customer
  • “If you’re looking for a better alarm setup than just your clock app and placing your phone on the nightstand, you might want to check out the Dreamer."
    Glen Tickle, Geekosystem
  • "The best alarm dock for Android is the Hale Dreamer."